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Are YOU Registered to Vote?!

For my blog’s purposes, I usually keep my mouth shut about things like politics. My blog is about fashion, so I don’t think it’s my place to bombard you with my politics. However, regardless of whether you’re a Republican or Democrat, I think it’s extremely important to vote. Even if you aren’t interested in politics, I’m sure there’s at least one issue that is important to you.  That’s why I’m asking you to register to vote and make your voice heard : )

This just made me laugh.


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Stripes and polka dots

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New blog address!

I’ve officially made the switch to http://www.preppydelight.com. Join me over there to keep up with my preppy adventures!

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Today’s Delight of the Day is the Tidal Wave Sweater from Gosse de Paris, $123. I saw this on Pinterest and immediately fell in love! I like the casual, laid back feel of this sweater, and the possibilities of what to pair it with are endless!


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Just what I needed!


With the wettest June in UK records, and no sign of improvement for the next few weeks, handbags-at-dawn thought we’d tackle the issue of rain and leather handbags.

Leather is a fantastic and durable natural product, it is unlikely that a few spots of rain will damage a leather bag, a good quality leather will normally react in a natural way, and lets the water evaporate on it’s own.

However. if you find your leather bag soaked through here are our best tips:-

  1. Empty the contents from your handbag.
  2. Pat the bag dry with a soft cloth.
  3. Leave it in a warm dry place to dry naturally. NEVER leave your bag near a heater or under direct sunlight, this will cause the leather to crack.
  4. Use an appropriate leather care product after drying your bag to restore the balance of natural oils and enhance its natural shine.

Keeping your bag…

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Today’s Delight of the Day is the Maritime Striped Cotton-jersey Dress by J.Crew, $98. I’m slightly upset that I just purchased a similar dress from Ralph Lauren, as I adore the anchor detail in the front! This dress is super cute, and the high hemline balances out the looser look. You can always have it taken in on the sides though or pair with a skinny belt so it doesn’t look baggy. Bon voyage! 

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Really hoping Daddy doesn’t read this!

Health & Family

When my stepson graduated from college in December, he had not yet found a job and — like a growing number of unemployed college grads — he moved back home. However, unlike many parents in this situation, his father and I politely informed him that he could live at home rent-free for six months before we’d start requesting that he pay for his space in the house.

I mentioned our decision to a colleague, whose response was, “You’re joking, right?” The idea that we’d expect our recent college grad to pony up rent struck her as unsupportive, especially since we could easily make do without a check on the first of every month. But we weren’t joking. We had always been open with my stepson that while we were happy to help, we expected him to become a financially independent adult.

(MORE: When College Grads Move Home: Six…

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