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If you recall, the Delight of the Day from a couple of weeks ago was the Polka Dot Cashmere Sweater from J.Crew, $268. While at my local mall, I discovered that Old Navy has polka dot sweaters that look practically identical at only a fraction of the cost! Unfortunately, the green is no longer available on the web, but your local Old Navy should still have it!


Old Navy:

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Today’s Delight of the Day is the Collection Cashmere Polka-Dot Sweater from J.Crew, $268. I promised you more J.Crew, and now I’m delivering. I adore this top. I can totally picture Audrey Hepburn wearing this, a pair of Minnies, and loafers,¬†riding around with Cary Grant. Sigh. Also, if you haven’t tried J.Crew’s cashmere, you’re missing out. I stocked up when I worked there (hello – 50% discount!) because of how comfy it is. Enjoy!

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