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Today’s Delight of the Day is a pair of plaid loafers from Tommy Hilfiger, $69. As you already know, I’m fairly obsessed with loafers (if I could wear mine everywhere, I would!). If you recall from last fall/winter, I’m also a big fan of tartan. These Tommy Hilfiger loafers combine both, and I’m just smitten. I’m picturing these with a cute cream blouse, a wool mini skirt or wool shorts, and some cute tights.

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Today’s Delights of the Day are the Air Morgan Slipper Ballet shoes from Cole Haan, $117.99. I’ve been watching smoking slippers for a few seasons now, and they’re definitely everywhere right now. I love these colors from Cole Haan; they’ll add a nice pop of color to any outfit this fall!




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Let’s face it: sometimes being preppy can get expensive. While we like to save money here and there (that sweater doesn’t need to be thrown away just because it has a hole! Sew on cute elbow patches!), when it comes down to the essentials, we like to buy the best. However, as a recent college grad who’s trying to save up for a new car and a new laptop (PC or Mac?!), I can’t always afford the best.

For instance, one of my favorite preppy trends that I have yet to try out is the smoking slipper, mainly because brands like Stubbs & Wootton charge $400 for theirs. Luckily for all of us, I found affordable loafers on Gap‘s website, and, at $39.95, you can afford to get several pairs! Which pair would you wear?

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Today’s Delight of the Day is the Collection Cashmere Polka-Dot Sweater from J.Crew, $268. I promised you more J.Crew, and now I’m delivering. I adore this top. I can totally picture Audrey Hepburn wearing this, a pair of Minnies, and loafers, riding around with Cary Grant. Sigh. Also, if you haven’t tried J.Crew’s cashmere, you’re missing out. I stocked up when I worked there (hello – 50% discount!) because of how comfy it is. Enjoy!

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Today’s Delight of the Day is the St. Tropez Loafer in Red and Blue Stripe from Charles Philip Shanghai, $155. Every prep loves his or her loafers, and these might be my favorite yet. Loafers do tend to be on the pricey side, so I’m glad I held out for this pair. What are your favorite pair of loafers?


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Spring seems to be popping up everywhere. That means, as much as I love my leather riding boots, it’s time to put them away and bring out spring-friendly shoes. These are my favorites!

It goes without saying that you’ll need some rainboots for spring. With so many styles and so many colors, you’re bound to find a pair you love!

 Hunter Regent Carlyle in Milk Chocolate, $195
(I own these and love them. Yes, these are a little on the pricey side, but they’re worth it. They’re the best looking pair of rainboots on the market. Plus, they channel that equestrian look, and who doesn’t love that?!)

Hunter St. James, $195

Hunter Original, $125
(These are the classic rainboots, and they come in a plethora of colors!)

Sperrys are the quintessential prep staple for spring and summer. What would a prepster be without her sperrys? I own three pairs.Authentic Originals in Ice, $79.95Authentic Originals in Oatmeal, $79.95

Brooks in Navy, White, and Platinum, $90

Flats and Loafers
In Pennsylvania, it’s way too cold to wear just flats in the winter. Spring is somewhere in between winter and summer weather, so flats and loafers are perfect for these months!

Asos Macabee Patent Loafer, $68.04
(Mint is everywhere this season, e.g., on my nails, so these are perfect!)

J.Crew Biella Patent Leather Loafers, $230

 Old Navy Cap Toe Canvas, $22.94
(These are so similar to the Kate Spade flats below – but are 10% the price!)


 Dr. Scholl’s Palma in Cream and Gold, $50

Me Too Paige, $62.99

Kate Spade Tabby, $225Kate Spade Tabitha, $225

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